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Finpro is your one central hub to forecast financials, collaborate, and achieve company objectives.

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Create Financial and Hiring Plans

Finpro provides the input variables for any business model - whether you're looking for investment, positioning yourself in the marketplace or simply exploring possibilities.

  • Input yearly, quarterly, and monthly growth variables and visualize your forecast in real-time.
  • Add churn variables and visualize the impact of churn on your business.
  • Input and track COGS and CAC information effortlessly.

See the numbers in a whole new way

It comes with infographics, charts and tables, where you can see the performance by year or quarter, capital expenses and cash flow - in a user-friendly dashboard that you can easily understand.

  • Project sales hire, salary growth rates, and discretionary expenses.
  • Add and track contractors effortlessly.
  • Generate P&L by month, P&L by quarter, P&L by year, and CAPEX and Cash Flow report in a fraction of the time.


Finpro allows unlimited team member access which allows you to collaborate with finance, product, engineering, and operations teams to deliver value to customers.

  • Finpro helps your teams collaborate and think long-term together.
  • Collaborate across sales, marketing, R&D, and G&A in a matter of minutes.
  • Give your team members editor or viewer-only access to company finances to keep everyone on track and in the loop.

Benefits of Finpro

  • Inputs

  • Visualization

  • Outputs

  • Collaborative


Ready-to-use inputs

Get access to ready-to-use input variables like income, startup capital, growth rates, cost of revenue, CAC, sales hires, discretionary expenses, and more which allows you to easily forecast your business model.


Charts and Tables

You can visualize every aspect of your business whether headcounts or not, with simple graphs and tables which allow you to get quick insights without the headache of squinting at spreadsheet cells to make sense of the numbers.



Easy inputting means outputs come out ready to share with finance teams, accountants, investors, and other stakeholders which allows you to get everyone to understand your forecasts. 



Give editor or viewer-only access to team members who can collaborate on revenue, marketing, sales, R&D, and G&A budgets together which allows you and all your stakeholders to be on the same page every time.

What our customers say

“When it comes to projections, I have to do all that calculation on my own and Finpro makes it easier for me.”

“From an investment perspective, Finpro is a lot more palatable than a Google Sheet or any presentation software.”

“If you need a quick way to look at scenarios, use Finpro. It will give you some outputs that are useful for planning purposes.”

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